ev marquee & dezi solèy

We are healing artists and queer femmes of color who have devoted our lives to alignment, self-mastery, goddess embodiment and sisterhood.


Although each of our paths have been unique and varied, and because we both grew up in homes where dysfunction, codependency, narcissistic abuse and religious dogma were norms, we never quite felt like we fit in and began seeking higher spiritual truths at an early age.

We now understand these early experiences within the greater context of our mission as Highly Sensitives - to embody our Highest Self aspects and discover new ways of living as sovereign beings in right relationship with the earth. 


Throughout our self-healing journeys we have established self-love goddess embodiment rituals (including adornment, yoni worship & sacral chakra healing), implemented daily practices for spiritual hygiene (energetic shielding, meditation & visualization for manifestation and connection to higher self and guides), begun to heal our family line (by integrating new ways of relating with our families & sharing our services as AURA practitioners), practiced developing and strengthening healthy boundaries and experimented with many new paradigm ways of being, as we transmute codependency, victimhood and many of the old paradigm archetypes that we once gave our power to.

While we are always learning & refining our skills, we are honored to share from our growing well of wisdom what has worked for us. 

You can learn more about our background & qualifications here.