If you’ve found your way here, you probably feel the shift too. 

You know that the old systems of oppression, violence and domination are falling and a new way of being is required.


Whether you refer to this time as the golden age, age of aquarius or new earth, one thing is clear - our paradigm is shifting. 


The New Paradigm Shift is a movement and a practice of

devotion for planetary ascension. 


We are each being offered an opportunity to activate our divine birthright, awaken to our soul’s purpose and align with our mission in service to Mother Earth. 


And we invite you to join us. 

our vision

we imagine a future in which

every being is sovereign, whole and free.

our mission

our mission is to guide like-hearted souls along their self healing journey through past life regression and other quantum healing tools and techniques.

many who have had healing sessions with us have described profound shifts in their lives


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 If you…

  • long for a deeper connection with your higher self 

  • seek guidance about your soul’s purpose & mission

  • feel you have tried everything but still come up against the same blocks

  • hold traumas from this and/or past lives in your body

  • frequently feel drained or continue to be surrounded by the same negative energy

  • feel it is difficult to protect your own energy

Then A.U.R.A. may be for you.

AURA (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) is a self healing technique and past life regression that incorporates practices of Quantum Alchemy and Angelic Energies. 


Quantum Alchemy is an integration of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work.


This unique process creates a deep connection to higher realms where we can connect with your higher self and spirit guides to provide deep soul healing and gain the answers you seek to help you with your journey here on Earth.

what we offer

1-1 A.U.R.A.

3-4 hr session:

in depth quantum healing journey

that includes past life regression, clear connection with the Higher Self  (and other guides)

for guidance and healing at the root leveldeep energetic clearing + more

1-1 MINI A.U.R.A.

2 hr session:

quantum healing journey

that includes past life regression, clear connection with the Higher Self  (and other guides)

for guidance and healing at the root levelenergetic clearing

+ more


3 hr session:

curated guided journey specific to the group's concerns and interests, includes quantum alchemy, energetic clearing 

+ more



ev marquee & dezi solèy are afro-indigenous healing artists devoted to the rise of the Goddess and the ascension of Pachamama.


both ev & dezi draw upon their own unique journeys of womb healing, divine sovereignty & energetic mastery to hold space for other like-hearted souls

to self heal through past life regression and

quantum alchemy.


as they continue to apprentice the Pachakuti Mesa under the guidance of their beloved maestra

Dr. G Love, and divine DNA architecting with guides Fernando Vossa & Acurda Melchizedek,

ev & dezi are committed to self-study, growth & discovery as they deepen in their mission of fully embodying their highest selves in a life abundant with beauty, joy & ease.

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Have you heard of Florida Water?

Or smudging spray? 

Well, we make our own!

Our Energy Cleansing Spray is the perfect tool to assist you in maintaining your energetic sovereignty ~ use to reset your aura, clear any environment you find yourself in and align with your own energy.