Spring Renewal

As we stand at the precipice of paradise, fully drenched in the renewal of Spring, we are offered an opportunity to be born again.

We know well the trappings of fear that we have fallen into so many times before - that have left us doubting ourselves and our gifts. Perhaps you are feeling unworthy of receiving the beautiful gifts that are showing up for you now.

Our Mother wants you to know that you are ready to receive your blessings. But you must first approach Her in right relationship, in the frequency of love - with the heart of a child.

The child is naturally in right relationship because they give the gift of awe, of wonder, gratitude, joy, laughter, of delight in what they are receiving from the world around them.

Children (our inner child included) revel without inhibition in the beauties of the natural world - fascinated by the inconceivable yet simultaneously recognizable intelligence of a seashell’s song, the pattern of a butterfly’s wing, the velvety ornate petals of the most delicate flower.

When we tune in to our plant and elemental allies, we learn what sacred reciprocity ( ayni ) really means. We see the cycles of the seasons and how all flows symbiotically for the most beautiful outcome. Each being innately knowing of their role in the cosmic order.

And although as humans, we have forgotten many of our ancient ways, we remember now that we are Nature - and She needs us too.

It is never too late to come back into alignment, to come back into sacred reciprocity with our planet, with ourselves, with all beings.

We all have the ability to tune into the versions of ourselves who never lost the capacity to be in awe of the magic of the ever present miracle of life.

With the presence and support of universal rebirth frequencies streaming down onto the planet, we are offered the opportunity to recommit to our path, to our hearts. To honor the purity of our inner child, our truest desires and simplest pleasures.

You’re never too old to grow, to play, to giggle, to frolic ~

It is never too late to restore your innocence.

Because at your core, you are a child of the Supreme.

Allow yourself to be reborn, allow yourself to bask in the sun and delight your senses, to sing and dance amongst the fairies and trees.

Allow yourself to be in wonder, in awe, with your inner child’s first sight.

Continue to purify your heart, shedding the stories that your child-self adapted to survive.

Attune to the frequencies of unconditional love.

And let the chalice of your heart overflow with love from the Divine ~

for this is your birthright.

Words: dezi solèy

Visuals: ev marquee

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