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Short Film: Holy Reflection

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This is a story of embodiment, of becoming, of being…this is a love story between fractals of the Divine.

Many of us, who grew up in families, communities and cultures that do not honor our uniqueness, our inner beauty, our connection with nature and our ancestral ways, end up with layer upon layer of distortion, in which we spend most of our lives dissociated - deluded and unable to see ourselves clearly or feel the intelligence of our bodies. We were programmed to judge, think negatively about ourselves to the point of self-hatred and disgust. We may have experienced trauma in this life or in others which solidified as shame in our bodies, causing physical, emotional and mental pain and blockages.

And if you’re like us, you may also seek to feel whole, free and embodied.

Many of us do not begin the process of unweaving these lies until much later in life, and we know many in our collective are in the process of doing this work now.

Wherever you are in your own journey of re-membering into wholeness - know that it is okay, for all is in divine time.

For us, we have been on the path of clearing old programming for years if not lifetimes, and last summer as we completed an apprenticeship to deepen our work with our ancestors - working primarily with the element Water (master ancestor) - we were initiated into a deeper excavation required for our mission, as harbingers of the new paradigm.

With the assistance and support of our angels, teachers & spiritual community, we were guided to exorcize, once and for all, the demons of shame that had inhabited our minds and bodies. The silencing entities of rape culture that had made their homes in our wombs, hearts and throats, as well as in the bodies of the women in our line, were ready to be transmuted and released.

Water showed up to remind us of where we come from, that we are fractals of Her, that we are none of the lies we were made to believe about ourselves. That the violations of our innocence were not our fault, but were divinely orchestrated so we could awaken once more to our power.

She showed us that we are held infinitely in love by this earth, that we are safe to be in our bodies, that we are safe to be seen.

This film, Holy Reflection, was birthed out of a necessity to name ourselves.

So we share with you this spell for self re-membering now. May it help dispel any distortions you may have about yourself. May it offer you a glimpse into your own beauty, your own divinity, your own innate worthiness. May your every cell receive the medicine of self-recognition.

This film is an exploration of the Divine Feminine becoming ~ traveling between dimensions of past, present & future timelines, offering glimpses into goddess rituals of embodiment & reunification ~ we are invited to return to what we are made of, where we come from and remember who we are.



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We invite you to name yourself. To declare yourself.

To write your own proclamation of being.

Take a few deep breaths, call upon your benevolent ancestors, angels, guides and higher self. And tune into the beat of your heart. Feel the cells of your body pulsing in sync with the heartbeat of the earth. You are a child of the earth, of the heavens, of the omniverse. You are a sacred divine being of love, of light, and it is your birthright to be sovereign, whole and free. Allow yourself to see your divinity clearly, beyond the distorted projections of the matrix, the world around you. Ask your higher self to show yourself to you, ask to see yourself clearly.

Now is your opportunity to name yourself, for who you truly are, perhaps for the first time.

Take a few moments here, connecting with your higher self.

And when you are ready, take out your notes or a pen and paper and begin free writing - allowing your higher self to guide you, allowing your soul to speak through you -

"I AM ..."



In Summer 2021 we filmed over three days, traveling to three different bodies of water in South Carolina - Horseshoe Falls, the Waccamaw River and Huntington Beach. The entirety of this film was shot on iPhone. Here is a glimpse into our process!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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