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new paradigm visions and themes:

nature ~ remembrancedivine union ~ connection ~ land stewardship ~ healed earth


Holy Reflection

This film is an exploration of the Divine Feminine becoming ~ traveling between dimension of the past, present & future timelines ~ offering glimpses into goddess rituals of embodiment & reunification. We are invited to return to what we're made of, where we come from and remember who we are.



PHRUU is a multidimensional artist & visionary who seeks to share wisdom (true knowledge of self) through the creation of music and cultivation of spaces for the expansion of consciousness and activation of our highest potential. She is a song writer, community uplifter, promo video editor, audio engineer (live/studio), event curator, host, music publishing consultant.


This music video was created for her single "Eden" from her unreleased EP - Petroglyphs

Themes: sacred union, love


screening options coming soon!



YÜJ is an artist, healer and guide. 

This music video speaks to an alternate reality that deep connection can bring

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