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are you ready to step into your power

as a fully embodied goddess?


goddess embodiment is more than just love, light and twerking ~ it's also about “doing the work” ~ facing our shadows, learning to identify toxic patterns within ourselves and others and holding ourselves accountable for our own healing. 


Due to old paradigm conditioning, you (like many of us) were likely brought up in an environment that was unsafe, didn't support your authenticity, or model healthy boundaries and communication. This and other traumas/violations along the way, end up deeply affecting our nervous systems and bodies as a whole - leading to self worth issues, anxiety, fears or judgement of being seen, lack of trust in ourselves or our intuition...

This is where the work comes in. It requires awareness and a desire to unlearn, repattern and heal our wounds to be able to move through life

with greater ease.






 We created The New Paradigm Goddess™ because we too once lacked the tools, practices & safe container to transmute issues around:

~low self esteem / negative self-talk 

~self-sabotage / self-doubt 

~difficulty saying no / setting healthy boundaries 

~disconnection / isolation 

~childhood, sexual & other trauma 

Fortunately we now live in a time where science is finally catching up and we are able to gather virtually (across time & space) in Sisterhood - to share in the traditions of our most ancient Mothers 


~The Goddess has returned to assist us in our healing, harmonization & co-creation of the new earth ~ & as Divine Feminines it is time to awaken and reclaim our birthright as fully embodied. ~


if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely hearing Her call ~ to live in alignment with your soul's purpose & fully activate your heart

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As the old systems continue to fall (making way for the new paradigm)
and our ability to stay in our bodies is tested ~ energetic protection, deepening our connection with our Higher Selves and learning practical rituals for staying in the present moment are more important than ever.

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