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are you ready to step into your power

as a fully embodied goddess?


goddess embodiment is more than just love, light and twerking ~ it's also about “doing the work” ~ facing our shadows, learning to identify toxic patterns within ourselves and others and holding ourselves accountable for our own healing. 


Due to old paradigm conditioning, you (like many of us) were likely brought up in an environment that was unsafe, didn't support your authenticity, or model healthy boundaries and communication. This and other traumas/violations along the way, end up deeply affecting our nervous systems and bodies as a whole - leading to self worth issues, anxiety, fears or judgement of being seen, lack of trust in ourselves or our intuition...

This is where the work comes in. It requires awareness and a desire to unlearn, repattern and heal our wounds to be able to move through life

with greater ease.








We created The New Paradigm Goddess™ because we too once lacked the tools, practices & safe container to transmute issues around:

~low self esteem / negative self-talk 

~self-sabotage / self-doubt 

~difficulty saying no / setting healthy boundaries 

~disconnection / isolation 

~childhood, sexual & other trauma 

Fortunately we now live in a time where science is finally catching up and we are able to gather virtually (across time & space) in Sisterhood - to share in the traditions of our most ancient Mothers 


~The Goddess has returned to assist us in our healing, harmonization & co-creation of the new earth ~ & as Divine Feminines it is time to awaken and reclaim our birthright as fully embodied. ~


if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely hearing Her call ~ to live in alignment with your soul's purpose & fully activate your heart

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The New Paradigm Goddess™ about?

The New Paradigm Goddess is all about living in alignment, activating your inner wealth & embodying confidence on your path. Throughout this course we share tools, rituals & practices to deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, reignite your Divine Feminine essence and navigate life's challenges more easefully as a fully embodied Goddess, through sisterhood and ceremony. During the 7 weeks you will learn how to:

  • protect your energy/establish energetic sovereignty
  • name, identify & let go of what no longer serves you
  • develop healthy physical & energetic boundaries
  • activate your womb power & clear stagnant energy/trauma
  • transform money blocks & align with your innate abundance
  • consecrate your body as a vessel for the Goddess
  • deepen your relationship with your Higher Self & architect your future

What is a "new paradigm goddess"?

A new paradigm goddess is a divine feminine [guided by original love-based templates of the omniverse] fully embodying & co-creating a healed earth.

Who is this course for?

The New Paradigm Goddess is for women or divine feminines of all ages. This course is for you if:

  • you are seeking to transform feelings of disempowerment, scarcity and disconnection
  • you find that youre interested in spiritual growth but you dont have to the time or energy to do all the research on your own, or you're not sure where to start
  • you’ve been curious or interested in expanding your knowledge of ritual and energy healing
  • you already have a spiritual practice and are wanting to go deeper
  • you seek guidance, tools, resources & a community of sisters to assist you along your journey
  • you seek to strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self
  • you are ready to let go of the old paradigm and fully step into your power as a sovereign being
  • you are ready to heal past/childhood wounds & transform legacies of generational abuse
  • you are ready to let go of toxic relationship dynamics
  • you struggle with energetic protection and want help getting a clearer understanding of what is yours and what isn't (energetically speaking)
  • you are ready to break free of old patterns that hold you back
  • you have a difficult time saying "no," setting clear boundaries or prioritizing yourself
  • you find it challenging to identify triggers or manage the emotions that come up and are looking to move through day to day life events with greater ease and confidence
  • you are ready to be fully in your power knowing who you are, embody your highest self and stop playing small!

When is the course?

The New Paradigm Goddess is open for enrollment twice a year, at the summer equinox and fall equinox. Our next session runs 9/22 - 11/7.

How does it work?

Week to week, we move through different Waves, each building on the next. Each Wave is released every Wednesday and made accessible via private online drive to be explored and completed at your own pace. We meet LIVE twice a week: Wednesdays: @ 6-8pm pst / 9-11pm est container for weekly connection, discussion and Q&A (optional) Sundays: @ 6-8pm pst / 9-11pm est quantum healing journey + energy work associated with that week's Wave (encouraged) *(all LIVE sessions are held on Zoom and recorded for future replay)

What is included in The New Paradigm Goddess™ course?

  • Weekly Video Presentations
  • Weekly Quantum Healing Journeys
  • Weekly Home Practice Activities
  • Writing Prompts, Tools & Resources
  • Weekly Group Discussions / Q&A
  • Private Encrypted Group Thread
  • Lifetime Access

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is an integration of ancient sacred alchemy symbols and energy work to assist you in your self-healing. Each week you will receive a guided activation in which you will enter into a light state of hypnosis - in the theta brainwave - a very low frequency that allows a person to connect with the creative force of the universe. In the theta state, there is a very deep relaxation that occurs within the brain when we dream and the frequency of the subconscious mind, allowing for deeper healing.

What is the "old" vs. "new" paradigm?

The "old paradigm" includes all the the systems under which we have been operating, the programs and conditioning we grew up believing that were set upon us through religion, school, media, etc. Some of the values of the old paradigm include: -Competition -Hierarchy -Control -Profit -Lone Wolf Mentality -Conqueror Mentality -Worship Culture -Sacrifice The "new paradigm" is where we are headed & the world we are cocreating! In the new paradigm we value: -Cocreation -Equality -Respect -Love -Authenticity -Fluidity -Intuition -Harmony

Why was this course created?

Given the current state of the world and the uncertainty of the new unknown future, we realized that, now more than ever, there is a need for connection, grounding spiritual practices & resources - and we knew we wanted to help. ​​As we were developing & preparing to launch this course, we went on a quantum journey to receive guidance and found ourselves in the Temple of Bastet - where she and two other goddesses, KaliMa and MaryMagdalene, came forward to offer aid. During our course we guide you through 3 different quantum healing journeys/activations that were channeled specifically for you, women who are on the path of goddess embodiment.

Who are the Divine Mother aspects and why are they important?

What is the energetic exchange?

Every week you receive a fully curated 2-3 hr presentation, 2hr guided quantum healing journey + energy work, 2hr live Q/A, tools, templates & resources; each week valued at over $700. To make it accessible to as many people as possible, while honoring the depth of the content, we made The New Paradigm Goddess™ course only $1111. (That is only around $150 per week.)

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! You can split the payment ($1111) into 4 monthly installments of $277.75 and reserve your spot.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Forever! You will have lifetime access to all course materials and recordings. Which means that you can go back and revisit any lessons and quantum healing journeys whenever you feel called..or are having old patterns, triggers, challenging situations resurface. “The work” is a lifetime practice that gets more and more easeful as we continue on our journey so it’s great knowing that there is a library of resources and activations you can also turn to.

Is there any 1:1 time?

There is a weekly live Q&A where we will gather as a community and you will be able to ask us any questions, offer insights and engage in sisterhood. If you want additional personal time with us, the “pay in full” payment option gives you access to 90 min of 1:1 time that you can use as needed for energy healing, quantum journeys, help with course work or coaching/guidance!

What if I have to miss one of the LIVE sessions?

That’s okay! All classes will be recorded and provided to you for playback.

Are there any protocols for confidentiality?

Each cohort will be invited to join anencrypted signal chat thread for private lines of communication and will also receive google drive with all your course materials/recordings, which only you and the other goddesses in your course will have access to.

Who are the facilitators?

We are ev marquee & dezi soley, healing artists and queer femmes of color who have devoted our lives to alignment, self-mastery, goddess embodiment and sisterhood. We have a history of curating healing co-creative space for women, are certified AURA practitioners (quantum healing, past life regression) & have received initiations into the shamanic Pachakuti Mesa tradition. We have established self-love goddess embodiment rituals, daily practices for spiritual hygiene (energetic shielding, meditation for manifestation and connection to higher self and guides), begun to heal our family line (by integrating new ways of relating & sharing our practices as energy healers) & have experimented with many new paradigm ways of being as we transmute codependency, victimhood and many of the old paradigm archetypes that we once gave our power to.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this course?

Every Sunday we will be gathering in ceremony for LIVE quantum journeys, and in order to make sure you receive your highest healing, we ask that during these days you:

  • are in a comfortable environment where you will not be disturbed
  • drink lots of water
  • eat as clean as possible (limiting dairy, meats & refined sugars)
  • refrain from drinking alcohol or taking other mind-altering substances
  • do not drive after the session
For our first gathering (Sunday 9/26) we will be conducting a group A.U.R.A. (quantum healing journey & deep energetic clearing), so we ask that for the week leading up to this session you begin preparing your body by limiting your intake of items referenced above. By signing up for The New Paradigm Goddess™ you also agree that you will not be under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering substance during any of our guided activations/quantum healing journeys. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and the integrity of the energetic container we will be cocreating. We also suggest you have a dedicated journal for this course.

How do I learn more?

Schedule a call with us! We are dedicated to making sure that you have all the information you need for that full body yes.

I don't feel disempowered, but am looking to expand in my practice - is this course for me?

Absolutely! While we do cover some foundational material (culminating from years of experience, practice & research from some of the most cutting edge new paradigm thought leaders, healers & spiritual teachers), this course offers the necessary tools, resources and community container to deepen your journey and level up your life. As women with years of journeying on our own spiritual path, we developed this course as a resource for ourselves - in which we not only refined our base of information, but stepped into full embodiment of the spritiual concepts we know to be true. The course materials and activations can serve as a holistic syllabus or as stand alone classes, meant be returned to whenever you need an attunement.

I don't have set pratices and am wanting to learn where to start - is this course good for beginners on their path?

Yes! Throughout this course we offer the foundational concepts, tools & resources neccessary for you to begin your journey from wherever you are starting. More than anthying, this course is about embodying your unique goddess essence <3 You will be able to work through each module at your own pace and will have the support of live Q&A's with us to answer any of your questions. & will also be in a safe container with a group of like-hearted sisters to grow alongside.

As the old systems continue to fall (making way for the new paradigm)
and our ability to stay in our bodies is tested ~ energetic protection, deepening our connection with our Higher Selves and learning practical rituals for staying in the present moment are more important than ever.

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