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The New Paradigm Goddess

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We support divine feminines as they learn to transform feelings of disempowerment, scarcity and disconnection by offering daily rituals, practices, resources and guided activations to:

~ experience deeper inner knowing and self-worth 

~ align with their highest selves 

~ and navigate life’s challenges more easefully as fully embodied goddesses,

through sisterhood and ceremony.



Course Timeline

This course is open for enrollment twice a year, at the summer equinox and fall equinox.


Week to week, we move through different Waves, each building on the next.

Each Wave is released every Wednesday and made accessible via private online drive

 to be explored and completed at your own pace.


We meet LIVE twice a week:

Wednesdays: @ 6-8pm pst / 9-11pm est

container for weekly connection,

discussion and Q&A (optional)


Sundays: @ 6-8pm pst / 9-11pm est

quantum healing journey + energy work

associated with that week's Wave (encouraged)


*(all LIVE sessions are held on Zoom

and recorded for future replay)

Course Flow

Wave 0: Gatekeep

Opens:  Wednesday (Fall Equinox) | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Cleanse, purify & prepare for your journey of transformation!

This week we will be developing a deeper understanding of

spiritual hygiene & energetic sovereignty, learning different methods to clear our body/space for higher dimensional work and experiencing a Group AURA (guided quantum healing journey that will include reiki, past life regression & deep energetic clearing). 

Wave 1: Observe

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Get to the root of what holds you back, release the stories that no longer serve you & explore what it means to leave the old paradigm behind. We will be leading a group ceremony to purge, journey to confront & clear deep inner child wounds & receive channeled activations

from Goddess Kali. 

Wave 2: Develop 

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Learn to establish healthy physical and energetic boundaries & receive a step-by-step roadmap to bring yourself back to yourself when experiencing a low point. Discover different tools, techniques & rituals to raise your vibration, including practical methods that vary from simple breath work to shamanic practices & working with

higher dimensional beings. 

Wave 3: Discover

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Remember your innate worth and activate your power by connecting with your seat of creation (your womb!). This week we will share various womb healing practices and lead a quantum journey to heal your Maternal line by way of traveling into your heart & yoni to clear any stagnant energies and for deep forgiveness & renewal work

with the assistance of our Beloved Mary Magdalene.

Wave 4: Expand

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sun

Identify money blocks and practice shifting into a wealth mindset.
Activate your money center/womb and align with your innate energy of abundance. Get to the root of scarcity thought patterns & behaviors, experience m
oney as energy, and tap into its frequency as you deepen your understanding of surrendering to flow. 


Wave 5: Sanctify

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Learn what it means to fully embody your Divine Feminine power and live from a space of divine self expression, pleasure & celebration! Consecrate your physical body as a vessel for the Goddess by practicing sensual movement, beauty & sacred adornment rituals and experience a powerful guided activation with Goddess Bastet.  

Wave 6: Script 11/3

Opens:  Wednesday | Quantum Journey (Live on Zoom): Sunday

Anchor your practice into the physical by tapping into your Imagination (third eye) and gain a clear vision of your New Paradigm Goddess Self. Learn how to connect more deeply with your Higher Self & practice downloading divine blueprints as you dream up & architect the life you want.

Experience a final guided quantum journey to offer healing energies to our planet and to connect with your Higher Self for any final messages, activations & instructions.

couse timeline


Have access

to a safe container for transformation

and ongoing



Be with a like-hearted


of women

who are also looking

to heal, grow

and activate

their highest



Build sisterhood through ceremony

and have access to a private group for

further connection



Fully curated to include foundational information per topic for you to move through and process easefully

LIVE channeled journeys coupled with energy work to complete and integrate the week's content on a deeper lever

We offer writing prompts, tools & suggested resources to support you in your expansion

Every week, you receive suggested  activities & rituals associated with the week's theme that you may practice in your day to day life for further integration

We meet LIVE every week to explore the week's content, share journey experiences and connect

Each cohort is added to a Signal group for private communication throughout the course (encrypted app)

Receive lifetime access to all course materials including weekly journeys and discussion sessions for future replay 

Weekly Video Presentations

Weekly Quantum
Healing Journeys

Writing Prompts,
Tools & Resources

Weekly Home
Practice Activities

Weekly Group Discussions / Q&A

Private Encrypted
Group Thread

Lifetime Access 


What people are saying:


This course was an amazing transformation for my life!

Ev & Dezi are wonderful teachers and I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to do the work to make a change. 

-Corrida C.


Ev & Dezi are both warm and exciting souls to work with. They know their stuff and really put in a lot of time and effort to make this course possible. The class was organized and structured beautifully from start to finish.

We were able to travel through time to honor goddesses that came before us. The class was healing, propelled me to see my worth, and to understand myself as

a living goddess here on Earth. 

I'd recommend working with Dezi & Ev if you're looking for clarity on your goddess path.

-Olivia O.


I’m so proud of myself for choosing and being open to a class like this.

It felt right and I went with it;

the divine spoke to me through this class and I feel it in me too.

Ev and Dezi are goddesses and I now know

I am one too!

-Estefenia M.


I have a clearer vision of what I need to do to achieve my goals. I've also learned the priority of investing in myself. I've learned the value of sisterhood and having a strong community of women to support you.

Thank you!


The Divine Mother Aspects

You Will Be Working With:

As we were developing & preparing to launch this course, we went on a quantum journey to receive guidance and found ourselves in the Temple of Bastet - where she and two other goddesses,
Kali Ma and Mary Magdalene, came forward to offer aid.

During our course we guide you through 3 different quantum healing journeys/activations that were channeled specifically for you, women who are on the path of goddess embodiment. 

Meet Your Facilitators

ev marquee & dezi solèy

We are healing artists and queer femmes of color

who have devoted our lives to alignment, self-mastery, goddess embodiment and sisterhood.

We have a history of curating healing co-creative space for women (through our non-profit The Chrysalis Space), are certified AURA practitioners (quantum healing, past life regression) & have received initiations into the shamanic Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

We have established self-love goddess embodiment rituals, daily practices for spiritual hygiene (energetic shielding, meditation for manifestation and connection to higher self and guides), begun to heal our family line (by integrating new ways of relating & sharing our services/practices as energy healers) & have experimented with many new paradigm ways of being as we transmute codependency, victimhood and many of the old paradigm archetypes that we once gave our power to.

It is an honor to be able to share what we've learned with you as you continue to bloom.




Every week you receive a fully curated
2-3 hr presentation, 2hr guided quantum healing journey + energy work,
2hr live Q/A, 
tools, templates & resources;
each week valued at over $700.

To make it accessible to as many people as possible, while honoring the depth of the content, we made The New Paradigm Goddess™ course only $1111.
(That is only around $150 per week.)


Here are the two ways we can work together:






Special Offer

This course is for you if:

  • you struggle with energetic protection and want help getting a clearer understanding of what is yours and what isn't (energetically speaking)
  • you are ready to break free of old patterns that hold you back
  • you have a difficult time saying "no", setting clear boundaries or prioritizing yourself
  • you find it challenging to identify triggers or manage the emotions that come up and are looking to move through day to day life events with greater ease and confidence
  • you are ready to be fully in your power knowing who you are, embody your highest self and stop playing small!

Enrollment Is Now Open


course begins


Sep. 22, 2021

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